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27,05 EUR*
Details Gurps Horror (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)

Was ist das hinter dir? Die neue Revision von GURPS Horror ist eine aufregende Art, Abenteuer zu erleben: altmodischer Gothic-Horror; klassischer übernatürlicher Horror; kosmischer Horror; und modernen J-Horror, Überlebens-Horror, Folter-Horror und ...

6,00 EUR*
Details Edelstahl Flach Speed Bar Flaschenöffner I Love Herz Sport Hobby q-s Role-Playing

Schlank, stylish und funktional, mit dieser einzigartigen Bottle Opener ist ein guter Weg, um ein wenig Flair in Ihre Fähigkeiten. Diese praktische kleine Stück ist besonders geeignet zur Verwendung auf Grills, in Ihrer Küche oder als Geschenk zu ...

18,50 EUR*
Details Fantasy Gaming: A Guide to Fantasy Role-Play and Tabletop Battles

For the first time, renowned gaming expert Martin Hackett brings together fantasy role-playing and fantasy wargaming. The result is a complete gaming system, allowing experienced or novice players to explore a fictional world in character by taking ...

25,00 EUR*
Details Farewell to Dragons [UK Import]

This classic party action role playing game is based on the fantasy book written by Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov.

24,99 EUR*
Details The Elder Scrolls Online Wallscroll Legends

Hochwertige Wallscroll aus Stoff zur stilvollen Heimdekoration. Größe: 100cm x 77cm. Die Wallscroll wird in einer Kunststoffröhre mit Eurolochung verschickt. The Elder Scrolls Online ist ein Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) ...

12,43 EUR*
Details Your Personality Tree

Many honest Christians are playing roles and wearing masks they don't know how to remove. In this book, Florence Littauer shows how readers can understand their own personality trees and use that knowledge to build understanding and better family ...

11,99 EUR*
Details Skyrim Dog Tag Dovahkiin

Skyrim ist der fünfte Teil der The Elder Scrolls Action Role-Playing Videospielserie. TES V:S spielt in der fiktiven Provinz Skyrim, auf dem Kontinent Tamriel und dem Planeten Nirn. In der Handlung von Skyrim dreht sich vieles um Drachen: Der Spieler ...

19,99 EUR*
Details Commitments Years and..

(2013 'Puzzle Head') (73:43/15) Andrew Strong was a huge hit playing the role of DECO in A. Parker's" cult movie, THE COMMITMENTS. He is back at full throttle with this Medium 1Gimme Some Lovin'Hard To HandleYolandaIn The Dark Of The StreetIt's Your ...

22,23 EUR*
Details Tales of Symphonia Chronicles-Nla

TALES OF SYMPHONIA takes the signature real-time battle system of the TALES OF role-playing games, allowing for direct control of their character through fast-paced tactical battles. Dawn of the New World advances the series' battle system by ...

12,99 EUR*
Details If Voting Changed Anything Becher, Weiß

Emma Goldman was an anarchist known for her political activism, writing, and speeches, playing a pivotal role in the development of anarchist political philosophy in the first half of the 20th century. And this is one of her most famous quotesBecher ...

22,20 EUR*
Details Fade to Blue (Evan Horne (Paperback))

Fade to Blue Mega movie star Ryan Stiles hires Jazz pianist Evan Horne to teach him to look like he's playing piano for an upcoming film role. But suddenly things go wrong with the arrogant, spoiled star. Stiles' adversarial relationship with the ...

79,95 EUR*
Details Osmo Play Starter Kit für Apple iPad

Pramod Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Tangible Play, told me that he was uncomfortable watching his kids tune out while playing iPad games. He wanted to develop something that was educational, but also required players take a more active role in what ...

19,99 EUR*
Details Skyrim T-Shirt Dovahkiin Banner, Size S

Dovahkiin Banner T-Shirt from Skyrim, which is the fifth instalment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series. High quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long lasting fit, even after being washed several times. All Artworks are ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Zizi Jeanmaire with man.

Size Size of photo 7.9" x 12.2"  Zizi Jeanmaire is a French ballet dancer and widow of renowned dancer and choreographer Roland Petit. She became famous in the 1950s after playing the title role in the ballet Carmen, produced in London in 1949, and ...

37,99 EUR*
Details Anne Stokes Kapuze offiziellen Schädel Schwarz Matt Zippo Feuerzeug – Boxed

gefeiert & # x153; der Anne Stokes wurde in den Dungeons & Dragons Dekor, Role Playing Game One Minute Schweigen und Kunst Deckung für Ihre Album erhältlich in allen Farben. Die & # x153; Werke Stokes-ist jetzt vorgelegt auf dieser Gothic Feuerzeug ...

139,90 EUR*
Details Inclusive Education Twenty Years after Salamanca (Disability Studies in Education)

This edited volume discusses UNESCO's contributions to inclusive education over the past 20 years, the normative and technical leadership roles this organization has been playing together with its peers and competitors in educational development, and ...

24,97 EUR*
Details Transnational Celebrity Activism in Global Politics: Changing the World?

Transnational Celebrity Activism in Global Politics In the past few years, celebrities have been playing an increasingly important role in the process of global politics. Celebrity activism, however, and despite the fact that it is evolving into an ...

26,16 EUR*
Details Line Let Loose: Scribbling, Doodling and Automatic Drawing

Line Let Loose is a sustained investigation of the evolution of scribbling, doodling and automatic drawing. Of these three forms of 'drawing', scribbling is the most basic: it is seen as playing a formative role in the drawings of both children and ...

19,27 EUR*
Details Year of the Fat Knight: The Falstaff Diaries

Thirty years ago a promising young actor published his account of preparing for and playing the role of Richard III. Antony Sher's Year of the King has since become a classic of theatre literature. In 2014, Sher, now in his sixties, was cast as ...

49,00 EUR*
Details Using Swarm Intelligence for Distributed Job Scheduling on the Grid

Using Swarm Intelligence for Distributed Job Scheduling on the Grid With the rapid growth of data and computational needs, distributed systems and computational Grids are gaining more and more attention. Grids are playing an important and growing role ...

6,83 EUR*
Details Boolar's Big Day Out (Tales from the Box)

Boolar's Big Day Out Boolar has his big chance of fame when he lands himself the plum role of Tom Thumb in the Puppet Theatre playing in the park. But Boolar's performance nerves get the better of him and an ill-fated romance mean that things don't ...

14,06 EUR*
Details Elric The Stealer of Souls (Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melnibone, Band 1)

Elric the Stealer of Souls Over the years since he first appeared, Elric of Melnibon has spawned role-playing games, comic books, and numerous imitators. Now this first of six illustrated omnibus volumes brings back the classic fantasy tales of Elric ...

26,95 EUR*
Details The Games of War: A Treasury of Rules for Battles with Toy Soldiers, Ships and Planes

The Games of War Here's a Hobby for those who love: toys, games, role playing, military history, action movies, science fiction, paintball, and having friends and family over.This book has it all, from gladiatorial combat to space warfare. Test your ...

22,18 EUR*
Details The Lear Diaries: The Story of the Royal National Theatre's Productions of Shakespeare's Richard III and King Lear (Diaries, Letters and Essays)

The Lear Diaries This is the diary of Brian Cox, in which he describes the emotional and physical problems that came with playing the all-consuming role of King Lear. It also reveals the personal strains of touring, in particular the problems of being ...